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Visible watermark with 3D-effect Deutsche Fahne english flag

The following script enables you to enhance the free image manipulating program GIMP. It provides functionality to create visible watermarks with a 3 dimensional look. After correct integration of the script, there will be two new entries in the GIMP-Menu Filter->Decor: Watermark (Image) and Watermark (Label).

You will get the possibility to chose an individual image or a label inclusively the font-size, shadow-offset and shadow-colour. You can set the position of the watermark completely free. Besides you can rotate the watermark around it's center.

The scripts will provide copies of your input images, so that your original pictures will be unchanged.


GIMP-menu with additional features Dialog of the image-watermark-function Dialog of the text-watermark-function Image with text-watermark Drawing of a digital camera Image with a watermark-logo Picture of the moon

Free download and installation

Store the files watermark.scm and watermark_img.scm of the downloaded archive watermark.zip into the personal script-folder of your GIMP-installation. On a MS Windows computer this is ususally C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\<Username>\.gimp-2.6\scripts. On Linux-computers you will usually find the folder in home\gimp-2.6\scripts.
For divergent GIMP-versions, the path will slightly vary.
After installation of the files, restart your GIMP-program or refresh your Script-fu-scripts in the menu-bar of the GIMP image window.

Download watermark.zip
MD5 checksum: 256711e5710a358640f0e2a29970c756
SHA1 checksum: 188d7850eff8d48ccf4a77e986792261b218f156

Use CompareChecksum, to control these checksums.